Distracted Driving

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Every day, at least nine Americans die and 100 are injured in distracted driving crashes. Cell phones, dashboard touchscreens, voice commands and other in-vehicle technologies pose a threat to our safety. The consequences of those distractions are not worth the convenience they offer. Ignore the distractions and #justdrive to keep us all safer on the roads.

Distracted Driving Awareness Month in April is a united effort to recognize the dangers of and eliminate preventable deaths from distracted driving. Join us to help save lives.

Resources for Employers

Every employer is encouraged to implement a cell phone policy that prohibits employees from using their cell phones while driving. The policy and supporting materials are available in our free, downloadable Safe Driving Kit.

Members get even more Distracted Driving Awareness Month resources. Not a member? Find out how you can join NSCand make your organization safer.

New Dashboards too Distracting?